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Hey there!

Heya lil Devils!
I'm new here and have a Art for ya! ;)
It's my first drawing of Dante!
I was inspire by a cool Wallpaper which I've found when I was looking for something for my desktop but I didn't know him before not even the Game! I just thought he looks damn hot and I got curious of that game. ;)
Do you think it would be something for a newbie like me!?
I mean I'm really not very good in such shooting games for example I fuck up at "Psycho Circus" or "Max Payne" and "The Lord of the Rings3" because of the many fucking code combinations.
Oh man, I think he would me anyway detract me from gaming because of his look *lol*

btw, sorry for my bad english! `´_`´ but I hope I'll get anyway some replys that would be nice :)
Well, here's it finally in retouched form:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Oh wow!
I think it's awesome!

I know what wallpaper you're talking about.

And yes. The game is awesome. You should play it!